Classic poetry albums like in former times

Available again! Beautiful poetry albums in apricot and brown mille fleur pattern

We have been busy! Since yesterday our storage room is filled again with beautiful poetry albums in apricot and brown mille fleur patterns. So, today you get an realistic view in our storage room. The books now have to get their lined sheet to make writing more beautiful and in line and get packed, so they arrive safely at your place.

Klassische Poesiealben wie es sie früher gab

Do you actually know the story behind the poetry albums from Nauli? Well, it’s not that surprising. When we were children classic poetry albums already got into competition with friendship books. But, as we liked to express ourselves freely, we didn’t like to fill such forms.

Even as adults, we still enjoy having a look at our poetry albums, smile on them, and dig out old memories. Sometimes, we ask ourselves, who that girl was, which wrote that old fashioned poetry in our album.  Since our first year with Nauli, we already got questions about classic poetry albums. We needed some time to actually make them, but they are one of our most beloved products ever since.  And surprisingly (as far we know) most of the square notebooks really get gifted as poetry albums! The girls of today, still know what’s beautiful! Poetry albums, for example!

Yes, you can get them in our onlineshop.



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